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According to the marvelously-monikered man Bob Bitchin, "Attitude is the difference between an ordeal and an adventure."


We couldn't agree more.


That's why we tune ourselves up with Yoga and Ayurveda... bringing strength, resilience, and clarity to our minds and bodies + shifting our attitudes over towards gratitudes! :-)

An Alight Adventure, therefore, might be a retreat into yoga, food, travel, or all of the above. It might include a hike to a mountain top or a deep dive into philosophy. It might take us abroad for a week or right down the road (or online) for the afternoon. It might even stretch our boundaries a bit, perhaps bearing resemblance to an ordeal... but no! It's too much fun for that and besides, we've got tools to support us, practices to lean upon, and an attitude attuned to ADVENTURE.

Join us in 2024:

- Vegan Cooking Class with Chef Barry & Jennifer at Sanctuary Bistro, January 29

- Blissful Belize Retreat, April 1-5 ( + option 5-7)

- Mountain Yoga Retreat at Bend of Ivy Lodge, November 1-3

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Cooking Classes
Blissful Belize Retreat
Mountain Yoga Retreat
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