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3 Season (R)evolution

a whole foods whole life evolution

with Yoga & Ayurveda teacher Allison Modafferi


Keep your resolutions.


Achieve your goals.


Live your yoga with the support of yoga’s

sister science Ayurveda.


Join an intimate community of healthy living advocates for learning, sharing, and support.


Be brilliant & resilient all year long!



Together, we'll navigate the 3 seasons of Ayurveda —

Kapha, Pitta, Vata — with an emphasis on understanding and harmonizing with the unique qualities of each season. 

We’ll focus on each season for 3 months at a time:

Kapha season (late winter/spring)
March – May
Pitta season (summer)

June – August

Vata season (fall/early winter)
September – November

We’ll meet via Zoom 2x/month, March-November, Fridays from 12-1pm*:

March 15, 29

April 12, 26

May 10, 24

June 7, 21

July 26, Aug 2

August 16, 30

September 13, 27

October 11, 25

November 8, 22


Each time we gather, we’ll share bits of our healthy living journeys…
supporting one another in our challenges and celebrating our growth and evolution.

We’ll also practice nourishing ourselves with the foods, tools, and habits of Ayurveda,
so we move through the seasons of the year with more ease, clarity, energy, and joy.


Our 2024 program will include a focus on practices that are balancing for each season.

Movement in Kapha Season

Movement of our bodies and breath infuses grounded Kapha with energy and liveliness.

Meditation in Pitta Season

Meditation slows down and broadens out the hyper-focus of fiery Pitta.

Mantra in Vata Season

Mantra is a way of creating order and structure, as we plant seeds with our words, that supports airy Vata to thrive within healthy boundaries.

Each season, the 3S(R) also includes:

a one-on-one private session with Allison

Allison's public yoga classes (generally 2x/week)

+ optional supplemental events (such as classes, dinners, farm tours),
partner discounts and perks, and seasonal Ayurveda workshops

So, altogether, you’ll enjoy:

18 group sessions
3 one-one-one sessions

as many yoga classes as you can attend
+ opportunities to continue deepening and expanding your (R)evolution

Investment: sliding scale $120-180/month**

Monthly Subscription options: $120, $150, $180)


*When this group fills up, we may add another timeslot.

Please let me know if you’re interested, but prefer another time.

**Need help deciding which subscription option to choose? Start by considering your available resources and what you might have to forego in order to invest in this program. Also, please consider how often you will take advantage of the free yoga classes perk! Learn more about Sliding Scale Philosophy here and here. If you need a lower pricepoint or would benefit from a payment plan, please reach out to Allison.

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