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Alight Yoga Instuctors


Alight is a collective of teachers, students, and seekers.


Born of the coming together of three Charlotte-based yoga communities — Be Yoga, Sangati, and Heart of the Matter Yoga — we evolved into Be Yoga Collective in 2021 and then Alight in 2024. Our roots are in Anusara Yoga, Vinyasa Flow, Mindful Movement, and Ayurveda.


We pay attention to alignment because it keeps us safe, sustains our practice, and helps us grow. We listen to our breath because we believe our most abiding teacher is within. We embrace diversity because it makes our community (and this world) more beautiful.

Alight means both landing gracefully and lighting up…

We hope our community offers you a soft space to land, to lighten your load amidst the upheaval of daily life. We also hope — through the practices and playfulness of Yoga, Ayurveda, and Adventure — we inspire you to burn a little brighter, to light up this world with the best of who you already are.

Meet our Teachers

Allison Modafferi

Allison Modafferi

Align & Flow Yoga + Ayurveda + Retreats + New Year (R)evolution

Andrea Vasaune

Andrea Vasaune

Slow Flow + Mindful Flow Yoga

Becky Tin

Pilates + Yoga + Tai Chi

Cara Truitt

Cara Truitt

Qoya + Art of You

Dilek Incoglu

Pilates + Yoga

Kellie Daniel

Yoga + Meditation + Rest & Restore Yoga + Prenatal Yoga

Kelly Haas

Yoga Therapy + Thai Massage + Craniosacral Therapy

Kimberly Stitt

Yoga + Mindfulness

Nicole Luu

Yoga Strength + Pre/Postnatal Yoga + Vinyasa + Power Yoga

Sallyann Villanueva

Slow Flow Yoga

Sara Dimitroff

Elemental Yoga

Shanna Small

Accessible Yoga + Trauma Conscious Yoga

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