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Allison Modafferi

Allison Modafferi

Wellness Services:

  • Private and Small Group Yoga

  • Ayurvedic Nutrition & Digestive Health

Allison fell into (and in love with) yoga as a way to balance out the intensity of life in NYC. After moving to Charlotte, she pursued her first YTT certification and in 2003 began her teaching journey. Her ongoing studies have led her to in-depth explorations of therapeutic alignment, yoga philosophy, and Ayurvedic nutrition/digestive health. She draws inspiration from the beauty of nature, the heart-stirring qualities of music, the creative play of cooking, and the humbling, artful balance of parenting.

Allison's classes focus on integrating alignment to embody poses with stability and ease, while moving with the breath (and encouraging breath to move through us). She loves to share that "The alignment that keeps us safe also helps us heal... and go deeper."

A lifelong student herself, she says, "Through my yoga practice, I continue to cultivate a deeper connection to higher wisdom, greater clarity in knowing my true self, stronger intuition, focus and discipline, fluidity in making decisions, loyalty to my commitments, the honor of responsibility, and the courage to keep choosing to celebrate the amazing experience of life."

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