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Yoga and Pilates help us feel grounded AND energized! And every one of our classes includes mindful movement, breathing, and alignment instruction. Still, some are more steadying and others more invigorating… so we’ve labeled them here to help you decide which ones you most want to try!

Awaken & Align Yoga


Start your day with mindful movements that align your mind and body.

Empower Hour Yoga


Movement + Breath + Mindfulness = the Yoga equivalent of a Power Lunch.

Mixed Mat Pilates


A creative Mat Pilates class with Yoga, Tai Chi, and Breathwork blended in.

Midweek Meditation


A midweek mental health break, with guided meditation to get you over the hump.

Mindful Flow Yoga


Build stability and invite ease through slow flowing poses linked with breath.

Moving Meditation


Slow down, tune in, and get grounded in this meditative, slow-moving, 30-minute class.


Build strength and flexibility with this Yoga practice that incorporates handheld weights.

Mindful Strength Yoga

Deep Stretch Yoga


Deep breaths and long stretches make up this deliciously slow, quieting class.


Learn the foundations of Yoga to build a sustainable practice from the ground up.

"Ground Up"Beginner Yoga Series


Tune into your breath and let it soothe your system in this Restorative Yoga Series.

"Rest & Reboot" Yoga Series


This element- and season-inspired series invites you to tune into your true nature.

"Elemental Flow" Yoga Series

Mindful Align Yoga


Learn proper alignment for injury prevention and recovery, as well as a sustainable Yoga practice.

All of our classes are adaptable to support students of varying experiences, ages, body types, abilities, etc.. Please wear comfortable clothes that you can move around in. If you have any specific questions or concerns to share, Please reach out to Allison at Alight or to your instructor. Thank you!

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